What is QEDA?

QEDA is a set of tools aimed to make electronic devices development easy and fun.

They are completely free and opensource.

Getting started


QEDA consists of:

  • QEDA Core — an utility which provides a simple but highly customizable mechanism for creating electronic component libraries for use in EDA software. It may be used as either a command line tool or as Node.js module.

    This is the engine of QEDA.

  • QEDA Library — an open, free and constantly growing repository of ready-for-use electronic component descriptors.

    This is the fuel of QEDA.


Let us point out some features that may interest you:

  • Simple electronic component definition

    Even if a component is not in a library yet, you simply define it by creating or editing a short and human readable text file (we use YAML format for that purpose).

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  • Flexible customization

    We have tried to take into account all settings you would like to adjust and grouped them to easily accessible parameters.

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  • Compliance with your corporate style

    All schematic symbols and land patterns will share common style according to your specific settings. If your style changes the only thing you need to do is to regenerate libraries with your new settings. You may adapt the look of schematic symbols to the actual standard of your company or country.

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  • Accordance to leading industry standards (IPC, JEDEC, EIA, ISO, JEITA, GOST)

    We use the latest IPC-7351C guidelines to create land patterns. Housing specifications are partially borrowed from respective JEDEC and JEITA standards.